Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES (P@SHA) was initiated by a number of software houses in an attempt to create a functional trade association for the IT industry in Pakistan. Aiming to protect the rights of its members; P@SHA lobbied with the government to initiate policies and create an environment that would attract more firms to join the industry. Over the course of the last fifteen years, P@SHA has broadened its scope to include other IT enabled services companies such as Internet Service Providers, Call Centers etc.

Today over three hundred and fifty companies are active members of P@SHA, thus demonstrating how in the long run P@SHA has achieved its aim to help firms establish themselves providing assistance to help them gain access to potential clients, locally and internationally.

P@SHA acts as the voice of the industry. Over the years it has dealt with issues that no company could manage single-handedly; such as providing input on policies, legislation and incentives related to the industry, for organizations in the IT industry. Sponsored career events and salary surveys are also conducted regularly to assist in the growth of a dynamic sector.

P@SHA has made consistent efforts to ensure that the right policy frameworks are employed for continued growth and development. The Government is also being encouraged to act as a facilitator in creating a certain consistency in growth rates. Efforts to promote Pakistan’s IT industry internationally are being channelled through trade and technical delegations sent to all corners of the world.

P@SHA has gained international recognition by having won several awards in the Asia Pacific ICT awards. Pakistani companies are involved in leading-edge work, thereby helping the software; services and outsourced industry grow at an enormous pace.

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