Adviseries Regarding COVID-19

Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES
Punjab Provincial Government

Punjab Order

April 14th,2020

Sindh Provincial Government

Recruitment Opportunities

During these troublesome times, HR Ways - A Recruitment & Consultative Agency, has created a comprehensive list of the talent that has been affected due to the economic conditions caused by COVID-19.

If you are currently in the process of recruitment, please keep into consideration the resumes of these resources. To view, please click on the button below.

If you need to upload your resume, please drop an email at with "COVID-19" in the subject

COVID-19 Survey Report

The report takes into account both product and service-based IT companies and along with their export & domestic revenues while studying the negative impact on them caused by COVID19 over the next three & six months. The study also informs that the Work From Home arrangement is working well for most IT companies. However, BPO and Call Center businesses are facing major challenges of connectivity and the Work-From-Home arrangement is not favourable for them. Low bandwidth and unstable internet connections are the major obstacles in their operations since they cannot afford any interruption in the voice calls. The use of VPN typically requires a stable 8-10 Mb connection which is not readily available to most of the employees at home.

To view the report in detail, please find the report below

COVID-19 Survey Report

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