P@SHA has launched it’s most demanded Salary Survey Report for the year 2021.

P@SHA ’s Salary Survey is a flagship initiative launched initially in 2008 with an intent to help HR departments of the IT industry in Pakistan. The P@SHA IT Salary 2021 is the eighth survey conducted by P@SHA to help the IT and ITeS industry in
performance evaluation and increments, allow salary benchmarking, analyze and address reasons behind employee turnover rates. It includes an analysis of salaries, benefits, and increments of employees working in the IT industry of Pakistan.

The latest edition features data from 175 companies and 30,326 employees working in 62 job roles and 225 unique job levels in both IT and non-IT capacities. All roles are further broken down into experience levels.

We hope this comprehensive report will enable companies to benchmark the salaries for their employees effectively.

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