Chairman’s Message

P@SHA plays a critical role in representing thousands of IT and IT-enabled service companies in Pakistan. One of our primary responsibilities is to identify gaps and collect and analyze data for informed decision-making for all involved stakeholders. Our policy advocacy efforts aim to promote a business-friendly environment for the IT industry and to foster the sector’s growth and development in Pakistan.

As the representative and voice of the IT industry in Pakistan, P@SHA has been actively involved in policy advocacy efforts, recommending policies and suggesting implementation processes to government bodies. We believe that the government can play a significant role in facilitating and accelerating more joint efforts towards promoting the interests of the IT industry.

Through our policy advocacy efforts, we have focused on a wide range of issues, including taxation, data protection, intellectual property rights, and workforce development. By engaging with government bodies and other stakeholders, P@SHA has influenced policy decisions and helped create a more conducive environment for the IT industry in Pakistan.

Our joint efforts have played a vital role in branding Pakistan as Tech Destination, and such facilitation has influenced more companies to participate. This year, P@SHA organized LEAP in February 2023, Denmark and Sweden Delegation in March 2023, and Game Development Conference in March 2023. Our upcoming events include Dublin Tech Summit, GITEX Africa, London Tech Week, Collision Canada, and GITEX Dubai 2023.

In conclusion, P@SHA’s role as a representative body for the IT industry in Pakistan is crucial in promoting the sector’s interests. Through our policy advocacy efforts and events, we aim to create a more business-friendly environment for the IT industry in Pakistan and foster its growth and development.

We thank you for your continued support.


Muhammad Zohaib Khan

Chairman, P@SHA