Industry Overview

Exports of Telecom, Computer & Information Services

$2.1 B Total Financial Year 2020 exports
18% YoY Growth
Data Source: SBP
X-Axis: Name of Countries Y-Axis: Amount in Million Dollars

The World of IT & ITeS in Pakistan

Total Population of Pakistan: 227 .3 million

175.62 million Mobile Phone Subscribers
82.90 million Internet Users
43.55 million Facebook Users
3.4 million Twitter Users
7.6 million LinkedIn Users
25,000+ IT Graduates Every Year

Size of the Industry

$280 billion Estimated
4.8 % Contribution to GDP
$2.1 billion Export Revenue
$1.2 billion Domestic Revenue
12000+ IT Companies
1024% The annual IT remittance to Pakistan through Banking channel has shown tremendous growth over the past decade

IT Growth Over the Past Decade

3rd on Freelancer IT Growth Over the Past Decade
5th on Upwork YoY Growth

Industry Scope

Software Development
Mobile App Development
Website Development
Technical Support
Medical Transcription
System Integration