Hiring the Right CTO for Startups & Product MSMEs

Are you looking forward to recruiting outstanding technical leadership for your organization?

Candid with P@SHA is kicking off the new year with its “Capacity Building Series” on the topic “Hiring the Right CTO for Startups & Product MSMEs”

This episode gives an in-depth understanding of the changing requirements for technical leadership in the IT ecosystem with a special focus on startups and tech product MSMEs.

Our panelists for this session are:

  • Asim Ghaffar – Co-Founder, EasyFresh Technologies
  • Ahmed Ayub – CTO, Airlift
  • Sophia Hasnain – Founder, Linked Things
  • Yasser Bashir – CEO, Arbisoft

Moderator: Faiza Yousuf – Sr. Product Manager, Genetech Solutions