P@SHA Announces Support for Meta’s Llama 2: The Next Generation Large Language Model

[Islamabad, Pakistan] – [July, 20th, 2023] – P@SHA is pleased to announce its support for Meta’s Llama 2, the highly anticipated next-generation large language model (LLM) now available for commercial use. 

Llama 2, powered by Meta’s advanced AI technology, provides businesses and individuals with unparalleled language processing capabilities. P@SHA recognizes the transformative potential of Llama 2 in various sectors and is committed to promoting its responsible usage to foster innovation and growth.

P@SHA encourages businesses, developers, and policy professionals to explore the wealth of resources provided by Meta, including the Llama 2 Launch Site, Responsible Use Guide, License and Acceptable Use Policy, Research Paper and Model Card, and the Llama Impact Challenge.

The launch of Llama 2 marks an exciting milestone for P@SHA and Meta, and both organizations look forward to exploring new opportunities and driving meaningful impact through this transformative AI technology.

About P@SHA:

P@SHA (Pakistan IT Association) is a leading technology industry association in Pakistan, committed to promoting and nurturing the IT industry’s growth in the country. With a vision to transform Pakistan into a global technology hub, P@SHA facilitates collaboration, innovation, and the adoption of best practices within the industry.

About Meta:

Meta is a global technology company that builds products and platforms to help people connect, discover, and achieve more together. As pioneers in AI and language technologies, Meta is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and empowering individuals and businesses to unlock their full potential.