Budget Recommendations 2023: Unleashing the Potential of the IT & ITeS Sector

P@SHA is pleased to present its budget recommendations in the form of a Policy Paper “Unleashing the Potential of the IT & ITeS Sector: Pakistan’s Roadmap to Becoming a Tech DestiNation”. As a yearly publication, this Policy Paper serves as a roadmap for policymakers to enable a business-friendly environment for the industry, helping advance digitalization and technology revolution in Pakistan.

Along with covering broader recommendations for IT and ITeS companies, the paper advises suggestions to be adopted in the Budget 2023-2024. The document not only aims to suggest conducive policies to the Government but also raise awareness within the industry circle. Inside the P@SHA community, the public Policy Paper seeks to bring transparency, record data, and establish a roadmap to unleash the potential of IT & ITeS Sector.

The Policy Paper presents a comprehensive set of budgetary recommendations specifically tailored to bolster the IT/ITeS industry in Pakistan. These recommendations aim to foster a thriving digital ecosystem, attract investment, and propel the sector’s growth.

Download the paper to learn more.