Pakistan Animation, Graphics and Games Ecosystem Report 2022-23

Despite socio-economic and environmental challenges, Pakistan’s large and diverse market for digital products, along with a tech-savvy youth population and expanding network infrastructure, offers significant development opportunities. With approximately 240 million people and a significant demographic advantage, including a large youth population, Pakistan’s citizens are not only consumers but also creators and innovators.

The Animation, Games and Graphics (AGG) Sector is an emerging sub-sector of the overall Pakistan’s IT industry. AGG companies globally have demonstrated exponential growth in the past 5 years (2018 – 2023), driven by the increasing popularity of online gaming, social media, and digital entertainment among the global population.

The global AGG sector’s valuation is currently $626 Billion and is anticipated to exhibit sustained growth worldwide in the long-term with a combined valuation of 1 trillion by 2030.34 In Pakistan AGG companies have left a notable impression on the local IT landscape and piqued the interest of local and international stakeholders due to its capacity to mobilize the large youth population and create pathways for socioeconomic development through innovation.