10Pearls University Hosts Cloud Con 2023, a conference on Cloud Tech, in Karachi

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Cloud Con, Pakistan’s all-encompassing conference on Cloud technologies, was held on November 18, 2023 by 10Pearls University. The Conference, held at 10Pearls’ Karachi office, was widely attended by key stakeholders in the Cloud tech ecosystem – from c-executives and industry leaders to Cloud and DevOps architects, engineers, students and enthusiasts.

Cloud tech and computing refers to the delivery of computing services – including software, storage, analytics, intelligence and servers – over the internet (the “cloud”) to offer faster innovation, efficient and flexible infrastructure, and economies of scale.

Speaking about the need to conduct this conference, Syed Sana Hussain, Senior Director, People and Programs, 10Pearls said, “As an industry leader, we identified the increasing need for a platform where Cloud and DevOps professionals can connect, network and learn from each other. Cloud Con is our concerted effort to explore the challenges and opportunities in Cloud technologies, help startups and enterprises adopt and scale with Cloud and DevOps, and provide professionals a tailored platform to explore growth opportunities.”

Attended by over 300 professionals and students, the Conference’s keynote on ‘Securing Cloud Pipelines’ was presented by Peter Hesse, EVP & Partner, 10Pearls. In his keynote, Hesse talked about the significance, nuances and challenges of ensuring security and reliability in cloud environments, and how a secure cloud ecosystem is essential for business continuity and success.

Cloud Con also featured a session on the pressing topic of AI augmented DevOps (conducted by Asad Feroz, Associate DevOps Architect, 10Pearls) and a fireside chat on Harnessing Cloud for Business Growth featuring Ammar Rizvi (Director of Engineering, Bazaar Technologies), and Fahad Tanwiri (Sales Manager – Cloud Platform, Oracle Corporation) and moderated by Ayesha Siddiqa (DevOps Engineer, Stakater).

In addition to the tech sessions, a Panel discussion on Shaping Your Future with Cloud was also held. The Panelists included leading tech professionals such as Ghazanfar Iqbal (Head of Business Development Startups, Pakistan, Malaysia and Vietnam, AWS), Salman Khwaja (Security Architect, TPS Worldwide), Sumair Baloch (Project Lead – Cloud, Master Works), and Nasir Ali Siddiqui (Associate DevOps Architect, 10Pearls). The panel, moderated by Fatima Jafri (Senior DevOps Engineer, Biome Analytics), discussed the pivotal role of cloud in propelling digital transformation and reshaping industries.

The Conference also featured a hands-on workshop by Saad Ali, Senior DevOps Architect, 10Pearls on the Mastering DevOps Efficiency with Cloud and AI.

The event was conducted in partnership with Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Karachi (Ecosystem Partner) and Karachi AI (Outreach Partner).