LumenSoft Announces Integration of Candela RMS with SAP


The leading software company, LumenSoft Technologies, announced the integration of its flagship product, Candela RMS, with SAP (an ERP solution). Now both software applications will be integrated to provide advanced workflow capabilities for two-way transfer of data from Candela to SAP and vice-versa.

“Some of our customers were using the two applications side by side and had to manually transfer data from one application to the other. This was not just time-consuming but also resulted in double entry.  The integration will consolidate data for our customers and will save them from double entry. For examples, information of products and stock that’s entered in SAP can easily flow into Candela. And, similarly, sales or customers’ orders punched in Candela will be transferred to SAP,” said Abdul Aziz, CEO LumenSoft. “The integration gives our customers the tools they need to scale up and further streamline their operations.”

Rizwan Asif, project manager LumenSoft, added “The utilities that we have developed for integration can be used for both manual and automatic transfer of data. Our customer can also implement scheduling to automatically process data transfer at regular intervals. Moreover, the history of imported and exported data is also available, while the temporary data files can be easily deleted from the system.”