Unity Retail and Mean3 Join Hands To Help Brands Improve Their E-Commerce Customer Experience


P@SHA, is pleased to share about the partnership of one of its member companies, Mean3 with Unity Retail.

With the onset of Covid, the Pakistani E-Commerce industry has gone through a period of expedited forced adoption by the masses. However, with a fragmented ecosystem, it has made it abundantly clear that the overall customer experience is still very poor, giving rise to community-driven initiatives such as the “Voice of Customer” group on Facebook, where buyers routinely share the horror stories of their online purchase experiences. Research on Customer experience (CX) by PWC highlighted that one in 3 people will walk away from a brand they love just because of a single bad experience. While brands are able to offer a great experience in-store primarily because they have decades of experience to bank on, the online buying customer experience lags far behind. Lack of technical know-how presents a significant barrier for brands, while at the same time.


Unity Retail and Mean3 have joined hands to improve customer experience by focusing on its constituent’s checkout and fulfilment experience. Mean3, is specialised in building a seamless online buying journey. They leverage their years of experience in helping the brand make the right decisions when it comes to digital marketing, product cataloguing, theming, and store administration to mimic a brand’s retail experience.

On the other hand, Unity Retail has been empowering sellers to streamline and automate their fulfillment process. This includes automated order confirmation based on purchase history, SMS and robocalls, bulk shipment booking and label generation, automated shipment tracking and reconciliation of COD payments from couriers. Sellers also get a branded tracking page which also can feed into a Facebook messenger chatbot to help customers with their order tracking queries. Sellers can even choose to use Unity Retail’s universal accounts without going through the hassle of opening individual accounts with each courier.

Abdul Hadi Siraj, the CEO of Mean3 said, “Shopify is the most popular choice when it comes to platforms for building online stores. Through Shopify, a seller never has to worry about servers, hosting, and expensive development costs. Mean3 over the years has built up its expertise on the platform while helping both international and local brands. We see this partnership as a natural next step in terms of offering a more holistic service to our customers”.

Mohammed Atif, the CEO of Unity Retail, said, “Our team maintains a singular focus on improving the lives of our sellers. We do this not just by building a platform that eases their burden, but also by establishing valuable partnerships like with Mean3.”

P@SHA would like to congratulate both companies on their partnership and wish them luck for a progressive business ahead.